Monday, September 19, 2011

Walking Ollie

I typically take my dog, Oliver (Ollie), for a walk around the same basic loop near our neighborhood. Because I'm so used to the route, it's tough to spot things that seem unique. I like the challenge of trying to continue to find good photographs in familiar places like these.

This old fence is always in various states of disrepair. The carpentry geek in me knows that they used drywall screws instead of galvanized screws to attach the pickets, which is what caused the bleeding.

I really love how this shot came out. I think this flower is a Russian Sage.

An old, dried-out river bed. Dog print, dog print and raccoon print, I think.

Some sweet graffiti from underneath an underpass. Mustaches as so hot right now, even on women.

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  1. I'm always saying that I want to get a 'good' camera but what I really mean is that I want to take pictures like these, which takes a lot more than hardware! And this is a wonderfully illustrated important exercise. It's so important to look at the things you see every day in a different light so that you can continue to appreciate the beauty you saw in them the first time. Thanks for the reminder.